What are some tips for choosing the right educational wooden toy for a child?

Is the toy the right age? During its design phase, each toy is invariably aimed at a target age range. This not only means age-appropriate safety, but it also refers to cognitive stimulation: a toy that is too difficult can dissuade your child from playing, while one that is too easy will not challenge or support their development. Visit the CPSC website for the latest information on toy recalls or call their hotline at (800) 638-CPSC to report a toy you think is unsafe. The smallest toys are portable and can be used in more than one place: the child can enjoy playing with the toy in different rooms of the house or take it to the house of a friend or family member on vacation, etc.

Since 1995 we have been creating imaginative and award-winning wooden toys that are designed to support the development phases and, at the same time, encourage long-lasting play. When a toy is “passive”, such as a simple wooden toy to grab, your child must be “active” to explore it, rather than just waiting to be entertained. Every 3 months, you will receive a box of Montessori toys adapted to your child's age and stage of development, as well as the corresponding 2-minute videos that show how to introduce toys and support their learning like an expert. In addition, by looking at this sign on many toys you will buy, you will be able to understand the reliability of the toy in terms of health and technical characteristics.

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