Are wooden toys worth it?

Most homes have more plastic toys, but we see a change in mentality in India, where more and more parents are buying wooden toys for their little ones because they worry about landfills, the environment or the injuries of their babies. Wooden toys are environmentally friendly, safe and timeless. The likelihood that they will break is also lower because they are made to last for generations. Not all wooden toys are made the same way, so when choosing wooden toys for babies, remember to read the description, how they are made and what types of products the company uses.

While plastic toys tend to break and become brittle, wooden toys can withstand natural wear and tear for much longer. This classic remake is a perfect first toy for your little one, since they will be able to familiarize themselves with the shapes introduced. Made of beech wood and buckwheat grains, this wooden toy for babies produces a soft and harmonious rattle and is perfect for inflamed gums during teething. However, including wooden toys in their playtime along with other toys could benefit them in more ways than one.

When your children can't play outside, wooden toys have something deeply ingrained in them. We are proud to be able to offer safe and quality products with wooden toys made with paints, dyes and lacquers suitable for children. In addition, one of the best feelings is seeing your young son play with the toys you gave to your eldest son and the different ways in which both babies played with the wooden toy. Wooden toys are naturally more expensive than plastic toys, because the materials and their manufacture require more time and effort and, obviously, wood is more expensive.

With the advantage of being stronger, wooden toys tend to live longer than many plastic toys that break or crack easily. Wooden toys also make sound, but compared to other toys with flashy sounds and lights, they are quieter and quieter to ensure that the child is not overwhelmed. Which means that you can pass on toys from generation to generation or give them to a friend when your little ones have outgrown them. When gently sanded and finished with non-toxic oil, a baby toy made of hardwood can be the perfect educational teething toy.

The best part is that, once they run out of the toy, they can pass it on to their siblings or even their own children eventually.

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