Are wooden toys safe for toddlers?

Wood is a natural product and is perfectly safe for baby toys. Traditional wooden toys are made from natural materials by expert craftsmen, they are not mass-produced in toxic plastic factories. Because wooden toys cost substantially more to manufacture, their retail prices tend to be higher. Plastic toys contain high levels of chemicals and toxins.

Wooden toys are a much safer alternative, since they don't contain them. This is especially important for babies, who tend to put everything in their mouths. If you're a parent, you're probably wondering why wooden toys have continued to gain popularity over the past decade. Your child may be attracted to the most conspicuous and expensive item at first glance, while the classic wooden toys found down the hall go unnoticed.

ALL toys sold by Wild Woodland Toys have been purchased through reputable Australian wholesale suppliers who import and distribute high-quality wooden toys to Australian retailers. In a nutshell, wooden toys are safe for your baby, offer endless options for unlimited play and will last for years playing. However, from time to time you should consider simple wooden toys with basic packaging instead of fresh, new ones. There are many reasons why wooden toys are better not only for your child, but also for the environment.

When buying a wooden toy for the first time, it may seem more expensive, but in the long run, high-quality toys always pay off. These suppliers source their products from abroad (mainly from China) from ethical manufacturers of wooden toys that only use wood from sustainable sources, in addition to using drinking water, paints, adhesives and coatings based on soy and vegetables. Environmentally friendly, good-quality wooden toys also do not contain PVC, phthalates or similar chemicals used in plastic toys. Making wooden toys with trees that don't produce is a great way to use materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Wooden teething toys can be a lifesaver when it comes to defeating the mannequin and appeasing the pacifier.

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