Are there any special storage requirements for educational wooden toys?

Storing wood with silica gel bags that absorb moisture will prevent mold and decay. Once the toys are clean, wrap them in a cotton sheet to prevent damage. Many wooden toys will benefit from a coating of wax or oil to feed the wood and keep it in perfect condition. And it's important to avoid storing them in humid areas or in direct sunlight.

Instead of buying the same plastic toy that breaks regularly, you can buy a wooden toy that will survive for decades. While the cost of a wooden toy is higher than that of a plastic toy of the same type, its lifespan is significantly longer. Unlike plastic toys, the antimicrobial properties of wooden toys prevent harmful bacteria and viruses from accumulating on their surface. You can sterilize painted or varnished wooden toys for babies with mild soap (Castile soap) or vinegar mixed with water.

Wooden toys are easy to care for without using harsh chemicals or tedious procedures, thanks to their natural antibacterial properties. The durability of wooden toys means that your children can pass their wooden toys on to their younger siblings, saving you money in the long run. All toys intended for children under 12 years of age must have been tested by third parties and certified in a children's product certificate that they comply with the federal toy safety standard enacted by Congress and also with other applicable requirements. If your little one often puts wooden toys in his mouth, toddlers tend to put the toys in their mouths, you need to clean them more often.

Yes, wooden toys are more hygienic than plastic toys because wood has antimicrobial properties that destroy viruses and bacteria. You'll only have to clean your child's wooden toys when there's a buildup of dirt or other dirty substances, such as dry food particles on them. Spraying entire sets of wooden toys can be time consuming for any parent, so here's what you can do.

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