Are educational wooden toys safe for children to use?

Yes, they can be a little pricey, especially compared to their plastic counterparts. Trust me, I know it can be hard to spend twice as much on a wooden baby toy. It's no surprise to anyone that plastic toys are made with chemicals. No matter how safe you say plastics are, they're still a cocktail of chemicals that aren't natural and are never biodegradable.

Plastic toys are manufactured using “acceptable amounts” of toxins in the manufacturing process. It is best to buy wooden toys for babies, since their systems are overloaded faster with toxins than adults. They also eat and ingest toxins more than older children, as this is part of their development process. When your hands are wet, your skin can also absorb toxins from plastic toys.

It's best for babies and toddlers to switch to natural or unpainted wooden toys or to water-based dyes on wooden toys. Not all wooden toys are made the same way, so when choosing wooden toys for babies, remember to read the description, how they are made and what types of products the company uses. Overall, while plastic toys may have their benefits, wooden toys are often considered a better choice for children because of their durability, safety, developmental benefits and respect for the environment. After World War II, wooden toys were almost entirely replaced by simple and cheap plastic toys that lost their quality and educational value.

So, maybe you've decided that you want wooden toys for your baby, but now you're not sure what to choose. With the growing popularity of wooden toys, learning about the safety of wooden toys is essential for customers looking for safe, well-made wooden toys for their home and children. In addition, wooden toys do not contain toxic materials, which is very important for babies, who usually put everything in their mouths. Traditional wooden toys are often handmade with natural materials by expert craftsmen, rather than being mass-produced in toxic plastic industries.

Knowing what to consider when buying wooden toys helps ensure that the toys are safe and not potentially dangerous, ensuring that new toys provide you with many years of happy play. Wooden toys are safe, encourage children's imaginations and are a great investment, as they are durable and can last for generations. Made of beech wood, this wooden toy for babies has three rings that make a nice natural sound when shaken. Wooden toys are even safer and more environmentally friendly if the paint used on them is free of harmful contaminants, or if no paint is used.

When gently sanded and finished with non-toxic oil, a baby toy made of hardwood can be the perfect educational teething toy. In a world where countless plastic toys accumulate in your home, making the conscious decision to switch to wooden toys is not only an investment in your toys, but more importantly, it is an investment in your child. Because of the higher levels of toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic toys, wooden toys are friendlier to the environment and healthier for children's growth and physical health.

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